Choosing the correct wood.

Information on our unique “dry guarantee”, understanding log moisture content & important facts to consider when buying your wood


All our wood products come with our unique Dry Guarantee. Logs are classed as dry if they have a moisture content reading of below 17%.  The optimum moisture content for economical combustion and warmth production is between 13%-17%.  Lower than 12% will burn too quickly, especially in an enclosed unit.  Over 18% moisture content means the logs will be more difficult to ignite and will blacken the screen of a glass fronted unit. In order to achieve our optimum moisture content range, our logs are chopped then seasoned through at least two years lying in fields where they are exposed to the elements. Repeated exposure to rain, wind and sun is what seasons/dries our logs. Seasoning is the process of reducing the natural moisture content in wood, resulting in less smoke and a more uniform combustion when used as firewood. Seasoning is the traditional method for drying wood and can take between 18-24 months. Air flow through the stack is the key to removing moisture through evaporation. We are so sure that our logs contain this optimum moisture content that we will replace, refund or swap anything that falls outside of this range.

There are different wood types for different uses. Here, The Fire Man offers some advice on how to get the best from your wood supplies.