Which wood should I choose?

Information on our unique "dry guarantee", understanding log moisture content & important facts to consider when buying your wood.

All our wood products come with our unique Dry Guarantee. Logs are classed as dry if they have a moisture content reading of below 17%. The optimum moisture content for economical combustion and warmth production is between 13%-17%. Lower than 12% will burn too quickly, especially in an enclosed unit. Over 18% moisture content means the logs will be more difficult to ignite and will blacken the screen of a glass fronted unit. In order to achieve our optimum moisture content range, our logs are chopped then seasoned through at least two years lying in fields where they are exposed to the elements. Repeated exposure to rain, wind and sun is what seasons/dries our logs. Seasoning is the process of reducing the natural moisture content in wood, resulting in less smoke and a more uniform combustion when used as firewood. Seasoning is the traditional method for drying wood and can take between 18-24 months. Air flow through the stack is the key to removing moisture through evaporation. We are so sure that our logs contain this optimum moisture content that we will replace, refund or swap anything that falls outside of this range. There are different wood types for different uses. Here, The Fire Man offers some advice on how to get the best from your wood supplies.

Indoor Open Fireplaces

There is no limitation to the type of woods one can burn in an open fireplace. As long as your chimney is cleaned each year and your vents are working correctly, your choices are then endless. For the most economical burning, we recommend blue gum or black wattle, Both are alien, very thirsty trees, and have been designated for removal anywhere near natural water sources.

Blue Gum is a hard, dense log from the Eucalyptus family, long-lasting and burns longer before creating a fire heart.

Black Wattle is a slightly softer wood, easier to ignite, and thus, is excellent hot burning firewood that was traditionally prized for wood-fired bakers ovens. It also lends itself to occasional braaing as it creates small residual coals.

Beef Oak is a non-indigenous, invasive tree, originally from Australia.and only found in certain pockets around running water in South Africa. It is quite a hardwood and therefore, creates lovely coals that provide long and hot warmth in your fireplace. Beef Oak is also highly recommended for open and enclosed fireplaces, this adds longevity of heat, making your fire heart last longer.

We are very happy to have found a supply, but it is limited at this time.

Glass Frontend Enclosed Units & Stoves

Glass fronted heaters such as Morso, Heat & Glo, Jet Master, Heat Glo and the cast iron heating stoves (Franco Belge and Earth Fire Ceramic stoves) must be treated with the respect they deserve. Never use pine for example in one of these units as pine produces a resin which leaves an invisible film inside the flue pipe which becomes a serious fire hazard over time.

Kameeldoring should not be used solely in a glass-fronted unit as the coals produced become so hot that over time, the metal of the unit will bend and the glass door can crack. Black Wattle and Blue Gum can be used alone or mixed and will create a beautifully constant source of heat. Beef Oak is a non-indigenous, invasive tree, originally from Australia.and only found in certain pockets around running water in South Africa. It is quite a hardwood and therefore, creates lovely coals that provide long and hot warmth in your fireplace. Mixed with blue gum, which is also highly recommended for open and enclosed fireplaces, adds longevity of heat making your fire heart last longer. We are very happy to have found a supply, but it is limited at this time.

Pizza Oven Wood

Blue Gum is the most efficient and economical choice for your home or commercial pizza oven. Long lasting, resin free and providing a continuous heat for perfect pizzas every time.

The first thing is to get the fire very hot, as quick as possible. To do this, build the fire up, putting logs onto the kindling fire, rather than making a large pile at the start and stay with the fire. By being with the fire, you can see the flames rise as the logs set on fire and can add more. Remember to wear professional heat proof gloves. Then when you start to get lots of embers, move them towards the back of the Pizza oven, creating a nice hot base clear from ash.

Sometimes people like to cook for a longer time over a few hours, if doing this push the embers to the side of the pizza oven, so that you can restock the fire in between cooking to keep the heat up. Closing the door also helps the embers stay and increases the heat inside.

Braai & Grilling Wood

Kameeldoring & Mopane is often referred to as ‘The Rolls Royce’ of braai wood. It forms extremely hot coals in approximately 1 hour and can be used inside and outside for cooking and grilling for many hours thereafter. Rooikraans produces coals in around 40 minutes and can be used for cooking for up to an hour. Rooikraans also smokes so adds a certain taste to meat cooking.

Where do you not deliver to?

We do not deliver to Melkobsstrand, Bloubergstrand, Stellenbosch,Somerset West, Franschoek, Helderberg, Garden Route, Simonstown or Scarborough.

Minimum Order for Delivery

You have to spend R1700 or more on any combination of products to qualify for delivery. PURCHASES TOTALLING UNDER R1700 MUST BE COLLECTED FROM OUR EASY AND CONVENIENT COLLECTION AREA AT 9 MOCKE ROAD, DIEP RIVER, CAPE TOWN

When will my wood arrive

24 -48 hours from time of placing the order during Summer. 3-5 Working days or more during the Winter Season

Proof of payment required prior to delivery

Proof of payment is required by 2pm, one business day prior to the scheduled delivery slot in order for us to plan our vehicle routing and loads effeciently. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH OR CHEQUES PAYMENTS

Northern Suburbs Deliveries

Delivery to the Northern Suburbs attracts a fee of R385 and only takes place on Saturdays during our Winter season which runs from April to 30th September 2023.

Deliveries and Covid-19 Protocols

In an attempt to further limit any risk of the spread of Covid-19, The Fire Man Pty LTD has implemented the following precautions and procedures:

Contactless Delivery Service
All of our delivery teams will wear masks and have medical grade sanitizer in each vehicle. Staff will sanitize hands before and after entering properties.

Staff will no longer physically greet clients or staff members with a handshake for example. Please do not offer any of our delivery teams’ equipment (e.g. sweeping brush. dustpan etc.) or anything to drink or eat.

If any of your home occupants are displaying any cold/flu symptoms, we ask that you contact us to reschedule your delivery unless your log storage area is located outdoors, and we will be happy to deliver as usual...

If you are already in self-isolation following any recent travel, please call us to reschedule. However, if your storage area is located outdoors, we are happy to deliver as usual. If you will not personally be accepting the delivery, please pass on and explain this information to the household member who will be.

No signing of delivery notes

Photographs of the delivered stacked bags will be taken by a member of our delivery team and sent by WhatsApp to our office. These photographs will now act as our delivery note and proof of delivery.

Used Bag Collection

All of our bags are recyclable. They are of course yours to keep and re-use. Alternatively, once emptied, simply store them away and we will collect them from you at your next delivery.

Click & Collect

We are delighted to introduce our Drive Through Contactless Self-Collection service

Simply place your order through this web store, complete your payment and receive email confirmation. You will then receive email notification when you order is ready for collection.


You'll find us at Unit 1, 9 Mocke Road, Diep River

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