Glass fronted enclosed units & stoves

Glass fronted heaters such as Morso, Heat & Glo, Jet Master, Heat Glo and the cast iron heating stoves (Franco Belge and Earth Fire Ceramic stoves) must be treated with the respect they deserve. Never use pine for example in one of these units as pine produces a resin which leaves an invisible film inside the flue pipe which becomes a serious fire hazard over time. Kameeldoring should not be used solely in a glass-fronted unit as the coals produced become so hot that over time, the metal of the unit will bend and the glass door can crack.  Black Wattle and Blue Gum can be used alone or mixed and will create a beautifully constant source of heat. Beef Oak is a non-indigenous, invasive tree, originally from Australia.and only found in certain pockets around running water in South Africa.  It is quite a hardwood and therefore, creates lovely coals that provide long and hot warmth in your fireplace. Mixed with blue gum, which is also highly recommended for open and enclosed fireplaces, adds longevity of heat making your fire heart last longer.  We are very happy to have found a supply, but it is limited at this time.