Indoor open fireplaces

There is no limitation to the type of woods one can burn in an open fireplace. As long as your chimney is cleaned each year and your vents are working correctly, your choices are then endless. For the most economical burning, we recommend blue gum or black wattle, Both are alien, very thirsty trees, and have been designated for removal anywhere near natural water sources. Blue Gum is a hard, dense log from the Eucalyptus family, long-lasting and burns longer before creating a fire heart. Black Wattle is a slightly softer wood, easier to ignite, and thus, is excellent hot burning firewood that was traditionally prized for wood-fired bakers ovens. It also lends itself to occasional braaing as it creates small residual coals. Beef Oak is a non-indigenous, invasive tree, originally from Australia.and only found in certain pockets around running water in South Africa.  It is quite a hardwood and therefore, creates lovely coals that provide long and hot warmth in your fireplace. Beef Oak is also highly recommended for open and enclosed fireplaces, this adds longevity of heat, making your fire heart last longer.  We are very happy to have found a supply, but it is limited at this time.