Don’t be fooled by other firewood suppliers offering ‘loose pieces,
bakkie loads or weight’..

The vital question is how long will a load of logs last?  24 of our bags will last a household who burn for an average of 5 hours a day in a medium-sized fireplace or enclosed unit, approximately 6 weeks.  That equates to around R44 per day..


Why you should avoid the following measurements of logs:

LOOSE PIECES – what size are the pieces? The Fire Man assures you of consistently sized logs 28-32cm long and 8-15cms wide. Our neat identical-sized bags filled to the same level every time remove any doubt on the volume of wood you receive. Counting the logs when they arrive at your home is not always an option and can often be inaccurate.

WEIGHT  –  DRY logs weigh far less than WET logs due to the higher amount of moisture content.

BAKKIE LOADS  –  there is a myriad of different-sized bakkies
Never compromise on quality for your winter firewood supply.  Logs containing over 18% moisture content will simply not burn nor produce the kilojoules of heat we need to keep warm.