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    Blue Gum Standard Logs

    Log Length 28-32cm x 8-14cm width

    25kg sized bag, weighs circa 18 – 20kgs

    We do not generally sell in “pieces” as we believe this measure does not provide fair and transparent amounts of wood. There can be such a variation in the size of logs that one might receive from less scrupulous suppliers. Bakkies also vary in size and weight load dramatically.
    We supply our firewood (blue gum which is ideal for enclosed units and open fireplaces) in neatly tied plastic bags that are the size of a weekend suitcase. All of our bags are identical in size and filled to an identical level every time assuring you of exactly the same volume of wood received every time.
    You will expect to find up to 23 pieces of these-sized logs per bag. All of our products come with a seasoned guarantee so our logs will not contain anything higher than 17% moisture content so can be used immediately. We do not, therefore, sell in weight as, of course, the higher the moisture content, the heavier the log.