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What our customers are saying about The Fire Man.

“The Fire Man has come up with a very novel idea to deliver firewood to one’s home. The firewood is always clean, dry and packed according to one’s requirements. Service is very efficient and it is a pleasure to deal with Jack. Costing is great and I would recommend this service to anyone. Delivering Christmas trees on site is also wonderful.”
G .T
“Just to place on record, following recommendations from Morso Fireplaces CC, our thanks and appreciation for the excellent service (stacks & stacks!) and the quality of dry firewood provided since we started with you in April 2013. With two Morso 1710 fireplaces installed, it has been great having a large and consistent quality supply at hand. I have taken the opportunity to recommend you to friends and acquaintances, and as far as I am aware, they have also participated. In small businesses, which I generally prefer to support, I value the ‘personal touch’ and understanding of customer needs and I particularly value that in this relationship.”
“It has indeed been our great pleasure to deal with you not only because of the good quality of the wood you sell and the reasonable prices, but also the excellent service we enjoyed. Winter weather is not often enjoyed by everyone in Cape Town and the cold weather can easily bring about illness hence our insistence on keeping warm indoors and outdoors. You have responded positively to all our calls and have delivered on time every time. We commend you for your excellent service and will continue to call on you for a regular supply of firewood etc. We take this opportunity to bless your business and may you and your family prosper in every area of your lives.”
W & M A
“We are delighted with the service we get from the Fire Man.Deliveries arrive when expected, the firewood is always great quality and dry. It is stacked away neatly where we need it, with everything left spotlessly clean. I’d highly recommend this company.”
“Always a super-efficient, reliable and friendly service from The Fireman. I wouldn’t buy my wood from anywhere else.”
“Jack and Rachel Taylor make our winters warm. The wood is dry, neatly cut and affordable. But above all it is their level of service which sets them apart. Their response times are quick and they offer great advice on what wood to buy. When stocks are low the standards don’t drop and they go out of their way to make a plan. The wood is delivered neatly stacked and always on time. We’ve recommended them to a number of friends in Cape Town.”
“Your service is fantastic, even though one pays a slight premium for the extra good quality wood, the way you handle the orders and delivery almost makes one feel like one is spending thousands. Thank you for a great service and good luck with the growth of your business.”
Dry wood delivered on request, racked and neatly stacked by the most friendly team! what more can you ask for...
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