Will rain affect my firewood? Absolutely Not!

The Fire Man’s superior quality logs are supplied to you seasoned and ready to burn, GUARANTEED, which means that no amount of rain can penetrate our logs again. Much like a duck’s back, once the moisture has been removed from our logs through repeated exposure to sun, rain, and wind, rain can only temporarily sit on the outer surface of a log which will simply evaporate naturally once stacked in an aerated area out of the bags.
Much like anything else, logs don’t enjoy being kept in a bag for long, so please let us stack your logs for you. So much prettier as well as allowing the logs to continue to season.
Our stacking service is free of charge. All products are delivered in sealed recyclable plastic bags so, even if we deliver in the pouring rain, very little moisture can enter the bags.
Should you ever not be satisfied with the burning quality of our logs, we will remove, replace or refund without question.